Our love of pasta is not a recent discovery. Our roots date back to 1935, when Great Grandpa Spadoni owned and operated his handmade macaroni shop in Stamford, Connecticut. Combining Old World culinary traditions with modern fine dining, Grana Pastifico offers you superior products that could once only be found at your local trattoria. With products ranging from tender tagliatelle and thick ribbons of pappardelle, to pillowy ravioli, it is evident that we hold quality and flavor to the highest regard in every batch; there truly is nothing quite like fresh, handmade pasta. In authentic Italian cuisine, pasta is not a simple afterthought to bring sauces from plate to mouth; rather, it is the focal point that balances a variety of flavors and textures, allowing ripe tomatoes and fresh herbs to come alive within a recipe. Let us show you that there is more to pasta than boil and serve. Grana Pastifico is created with love, patience, and the utmost attention to detail.